What happens if the weather gets too bad to drive to Maggie Valley or to get to your house?

We strongly advise all our renters, especially those in winter, to obtain Trip Cancellation insurance. There are many such companies listed on the Internet and we can give you the names of some that we have used. Unlike a hotel which has many rooms to offer if a guest cancels, we cannot do this. Once you have paid your deposit, the house is taken off the market and held for you. We offer refunds ONLY if the house itself is uninhabitable (e.g. no running water or electricity)

If I pay a fee or deposit, can I bring my dog? He/she is very old, very small/ and basically sleeps all the time.

We love dogs and wish we could accommodate you. However, we have found that our walnut floors are very easily scratched by dogs, even small ones, running through the house. Therefore, we do not accept dogs, or any other animal, at this house.

Are you going to meet us at the house to let us in? If not, where do we pick up keys?

No, we will not be meeting you at the house so you are free to arrive any time after the check in time of 3 PM. After we have received your full payment, we will send you a document with directions to the house, entry codes, and lots of other important information. We have a lock box on the house with a key to enter; we also have a code to open the garage doors, and another code to turn off the alarm system when you first get in the house.

I know you advertise that a maximum of 13 people can stay in the house but we have several kids who don’t mind sleeping on the sofas or on blow up mattresses. We would really like to bring 3 families with a total of 16 people.

We are sorry, but we do not allow anyone to sleep on the sofas and the house is simply not designed for more than 13 people. We can suggest larger homes in the area but we will not take more than can comfortably be accommodated in the beds that we offer.

Can you make suggestions for various activities for kids and adults within easy driving distance?

We are happy to do this. In addition, you will find two very large notebooks with “Things to Do” on the kitchen island. We have suggestions for just about everything: restaurants, horse back riding, tubing and rafting, golf, theatre, and more. You won’t be bored, we promised.